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Composing Life, Dr. Joy Berger, FT DMA BCC MT-BC
Equipping end-of-life care organizations with empathic, 24/7 resources to improve quality, increase access, and cut costs. Video Libraries. Live Interactive Teaching. Consult & Coaching. P: 502.593.3916; E: Info@ComposingLife.com.


SueAnn Reynolds Consulting: SueAnn Reynolds, BS MS
Hospice & Home Health Leadership & Operations, 20+ years of senior leadership experience, assist with strategic planning and program development, create policies/procedures & protocols, perform chart reviews & respond to ADRs, regulatory expertise, and operationalize start-ups. P: 260.525.0893; E: SueAnnReynolds@outlook.com.


Melanie Ramey, JD MSW
Our Executive coaching goal is to help our clients see themselves clearly and understand the role they are in professionally.  It helps them be more accurate in their understanding of how others see them. Our coaching helps them learn new ways to deal with change and how to set goals and determine actions to achieve what they want. Some current issues concerning our clients.

  • The future healthcare is here.  How will it impact you?
  • The workplace will be changed in many ways.  How to deal with the change?
  • How can you reopen safely?
  • How is the new normal affecting your personal life?

Contact: (email) melr217@aol.com (P) 608-235-5349.